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Elmsdale Lumber Company Limited, otherwise known as “ELCO”, is a fourth-generation, family owned and operated sawmill which is located on Highway #2 in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.  In 2017, ELCO will celebrate its 100th year of operation.

Our Current Model

Our dedicated, safety-conscious team consists of 50 full-time, year-round people from our local communities.
We operate a single shift from Monday to Friday and produce approximately 30 million board feet of spruce lumber annually, which includes a very small volume of hemlock lumber.

We produce premium spruce, random length lumber as well as premium spruce decking products. Our sawmill generates bi-products of wood chips, sawdust and hogged bark.  Our planer mill generates bi-products of planer shavings and trim-ends. We manage 30,000 acres of our own forest land.

Our most long-term, loyal customer base is mostly located in Nova Scotia.  We also proudly serve customers in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.  To a lesser degree, we also have customers in the United States.

We pride ourselves in supporting our local suppliers.
ELCO’s production is exclusively brokered by Eacan Timber.  Our relationship with Eacan Timber spans more than 35 years.


Since April 1994, ELCO has produced a monthly newsletter called, “Wood N You Like to Know”.

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