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Robin is the current president of ELCO.  He and his wife Christine have two children, daughter Leslie Wilber-Campbell and son Mark, and two grandsons, Ty and Tristan Campbell.

Robin was introduced to the sawmill industry at a very early age.  At that time, ELCO’s head office was located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  As the Wilber family resided in Halifax, Robin would be required to spend many after school hours in the office learning the administrative side of the business.  On the weekends, he would spend time working in the sawmill on Saturdays and other non-school days and cruising timber with his father on Sundays.

Upon completing his formal education, Robin continued to be mentored by his father on the administration and sales aspects of running a company and his father’s partner Luther Anderson mentored Robin on the more practical and mechanical requirements of running a sawmill.  Downey Thompson, ELCO’s current Senior Woodlands Consultant, also played an important role in mentoring Robin.


Following the passing of his father, Robin realized that in order to remain competitive, a major investment in the sawmill was essential.  Robin also implemented a market shift from retail to wholesale.  Another key to the future success of ELCO was to initiate a branding change in the quality of ELCO Lumber.  ELCO’s new focus was to produce a PREMIUM product and to create a demand for that product.

Robin J. Wilber

November 10, 1949


In 1990, ELCO produced 9.6 million board feet of lumber using two sawmills and employing 125 people.

Today, ELCO has one sawmill and annually produces approximately 30 million board feet of lumber on a single shift, five days a week and employs 50 full-time people.

Robin also recognized that success also requires the cultivation of a great team.  He has spent many years inspiring and supporting the ELCO team to do great things.

Robin has supported the Forest Industry with service to:


  • Maritime Lumber Bureau - Chairman

  • Maritime Lumber Bureau - Board Member

  • Maritime Lumber Bureau – Canada/US Softwood Lumber Agreement Committee Member

  • Nova Scotia Wood Products Association – Board Member

  • East Hants & Districts Chamber of Commerce – Charter Member

  • Forest Nova Scotia - member

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