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ELCO is proud of our record of continuous employment.  In the past 20 years, ELCO has experienced only two short layoffs.  Both were for scheduled interruptions in production due to modernization projects.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure that we offer full-time, year-round employment.  We have a very loyal and dedicated team.  People tend to stay at ELCO.  At the end of 2016, 35 of ELCO’s 50 employees had tenures of more than 20 years.  Most of these 35 employees started at ELCO when they were in their early teens and have been with ELCO ever since.

Downey Thompson,
ELCO’s most senior employee

In 2017, Downey Thompson will celebrate 70 years of continuous employment at ELCO.  At the age of 15, Downey Thompson accepted a job with Elmsdale Lumber Company.  JB Wilber quickly realized that Downey was a hard worker and a quick learner.  Downey was soon promoted to Woodlands Manager and is responsible for the acquisition of the vast majority of ELCO’s current timberland holdings.  JB and Downey shared a mutual respect and lifelong friendship.  Following JB’s death, Downey worked with Robin to ensure the continued good health of ELCO.  He continues to offer that same mentorship to our next generation, Mark Wilber.

In 2004, Robin promoted Downey to Senior Woodlands Advisor and at the same time appointed Downey’s son Stephen Thompson (our current General Manager) to Woodlands Manager of ELCO.  Stephen shares the same passion for ELCO and the forest industry as his father and the Wilber family.

In 2012, Downey was inducted into the Nova Scotia Forestry Hall of Fame.

Read Downey’s son Stephen’s presentation at the Annual RPFA Annual meeting.

Downey has supported the Forest Industry with service to:
  • Forest Nova Scotia – President

  • Forest Nova Scotia – Board Member

  • Forest Safety Society of Nova Scotia – Board Member

  • Maritime Lumber Bureau – Member

  • WPMANS – Founding Member

  • Nova Forest Alliance - Member

  • Pockwock Watershed – Management Team

  • Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) – Planning Committee

As of 2016, our senior management consists of:
Robin J. Wilber, President

Mark C. Wilber,
Vice President

Stephen Thompson, General Manager

Gennie Himelman, Controller

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