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In 1993 under Robin Wilber’s direction and guidance, a renewed, companywide commitment to safety resulted in extraordinary improvements in the ELCO’s safety record.  This commitment continues to this day.  ELCO’s very active safety committee ensures that all policies are reviewed annually, that quarterly inspections are carried out and that everyone is effectively trained and committed to safe work practices.  Employees are rewarded for safe work practices.

In 1994 and again in 2014, ELCO was awarded the Kevin Corkum Memorial Safety Award.  The Forest Nova Scotia presents the Kevin Corkum Memorial Award annually to an individual, group, or organization using and promoting the safest work habits in the forest industry of Nova Scotia.

In 2007, ELCO’s Controller, Gennie Himelman was also a recipient of the Kevin Corkum Memorial Award for promoting safe work habits at ELCO and as a member of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.

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